21.02.2018 Talk „#CyberMourning @DispersedMemorials“ at „We Want Everything“ Symposium at ICA Institute for Contemporary Art in London, UK.

07.-11.02.2018 „METALheADS“ exhibited at TecArt during Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL.

25.01.2018 Contributing „Live is Life is Live“ concept sketch to „Van Meme tot Mainstream“ book launch by Nadine Rosetenburg and MU Eindhoven, at Spui 25, Amsterdam, NL.

13.11.2017 „Death, Memorials and Afterlife in the Digital Age“ at Symposium ‘Immortal Monkey’  (on the theme of Artificial Intelligence), organized by the Master Design of Experiences, Sandberg Instituut.

04.10.2017 Talk about „Your Touch, So Foreign“ at Krasnoyarsk Biennale 2017.

October 2017 – March 2018 Exhibiting „Your Touch, So Foreign“ at Krasnoyarsk Biennale, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. I.c.w. Jasmijn Visser. Funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie and Mondriaan Fonds.

28.09.2017 Talk about „Idereen is Live“ at Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival, NFF).

25.09.2017 Talk about „Digital Necropolis“ at Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival, NFF).

07.-10.09.2017 „Selfie Related Deaths Memorial“ Exhibited at Gogbot Festival 2017.

July 2017 Research trip to Kalmykia, Russia to develop „Your Touch, So Foreign“ i.c.v. Jasmijn Visser. Funded by Dutch Embassy in Moskou. Commissioned by Krasnoyarsk Museum Center for Krasnoyarsk Biennale 2017.

01.06.2017 Presenting „Iedereen is Live“ at Sandberg@Mediapark „Radical Imagination“ i.c.v. Jasper Koning.

June – December 2017 Exhibting „Digital Necropolis“ at Stedelijk Museum Breda in group exhibition „Wonderlijk Weefsel“, NL.

February 2017: Workshop „Memorials For Fictive Characters“ at KABK Den Haag, NL.

January – June 2017: Participating in Masterclass „Radical Imagination“ by Sandberg Instituut and Beeld en Geluid, NL

09.02.-12.02.2017 „Selfie Related Deaths Memorial“ Exhibited at TechArt Rotterdam 2017.

25.11.2016 talk about „Agartha Hollow Earth as Deep Web“ during Crypto Design Challenge at Paradiso Amsterdam

22.10.-30.10.2016 publication „I am become digital death, the destroyer of worlds“, „Digital Necropolis“ and „Selfie related deaths memorial“ exhibited at Dutch Design Week 2016

18.04.-22.04.2016 „More Images, More Power“ Workshop at VSVU/ AFAD Bratislava, SK, i.c.w. Lenka Hamosova

29/30.10.2015: “On Social Death and Possibilities of Post-Mortem Liminalities in the Digital Age“ Talk at IMPAKT Festival Utrecht during „The Future of the Past“, Utrecht, NL

03.10.2015 – 13.03.2016 ”#ImmortalNexusRexInstagram“ Selfie Crucifix exhibited at MOTI Museum Of The Image as part of the Planet Hype exhibition, Breda, NL

01.09.2015 – 31.01.2015 Teaching “Media Fluency — The Apocalypse: Doom & Hope” @ HKU Design department

26.08.2015 – 28.08.2015 Workshop „Code, Speedracer, Go“ Hackers & Designers, Toy Hacking i.c.w. Heerko van der Kooij, @ Design Department KABK Den Haag, NL

07.08.2015 “New Image Rights For the Dead II” Talk at Hackers & Designers Summer Academy, De Punt, Amsterdam, NL

July 2015: Receiving funding „Talentontwikkeling“ (Talent Development) by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie

25.06.2015 “New Image Rights For the Dead I” Talk at MOTI Museum of the Image during Crypto Design Salon XL, Breda, NL

23.06.2015 “A Clinical Pathway For Chronic Facebook Addiction (CFA)” Intervention at Stadschouwburg Amsterdam during Facebook Liberation Army i.c.w. Waag Society Amsterdam and Worm Rotterdam, Amsterdam, NL

12.05.2015 “Digital Death and the Post-Mortem Self” Lecture at ArtEZ Arnhem Design Department, Arnhem, NL

08.04.-09.04.2015 “Beyond the Bodily Self” Workshop at the Cure Master department of the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, NL

03.04.-05.04.2015 Symposium “Digital Death and the Post-Mortem Self” at De Punt, Amsterdam, NL

17.11.2014 Lecture „Grindcore meets Selfies in the Darkness of Digital Uncertainty“ at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

18.10.2014 Twittercore performance and EP Launch @ De Punt, Amsterdam

03.10.2014 Twittercore workshop and performance @ The Assembly, Cape Town, South Africa

02.10.2014-05.10.2014 Extensions of Man „Extreme Extension Selfies“ workshop and happening simultaneously taking place in Cape Town and Amsterdam, i.c.w. Selby Gildemacher

09.2014 Receiving funding for Twittercore’s EP „PAVP: Physical Absence – Virtual Presence“ from „AFK Amsterdams Fund for the Arts“

27.09.2014 Twittercore workshop and performance, @ De Punt, Amsterdam

18.09.2014-28.09.2014 “Selfie Horror Booth” exhibited @ “The Factory of Choices” during Festival De Keuze, Rotterdam, curated by Jaroslav Toussaint and Tessel Brühl

01.09.2014 – 31.01.2015 Teaching “Media Fluency” @ HKU Design department

26.07.2014 – 01.08.2014 guest lecturing and teaching at MA Design @ Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

07.07.2014 – 13.07.2014 exhibiting „Selfie Horror Booth“ during group exhibition „Pret Park“ at Mediamatic, Amsterdam

08.07.2014 Workshop „Extensions of Man“ i.c.w. Selby Gildemacher at Mediamatic, Amsterdam

25.06.2014 Pecha Kucha talk „The True Horrors of Selfies“ during Ignite series at Mediamatic, Amsterdam

28.05.2014 performing with Twittercore @ Steim, Amsterdam

22.05.2014 lecture „eyeStockphotoforreal“, Brussel

15.05.2014 performing with Clashvoid @ Luxor, Arnhem

19.04.2014 – 19.05.2014 „In the Maze of the Other“ solo exhibition @ the bookstore, Amsterdam

20.04.2014 + 21.04.2014 „A False Paradise“ exhibited at openoost, Amsterdam, i.c.w. Yin Aiwen

08.03.2014 Twittercore live @ „Abject Art“ @ Worm during Museumnacht Rotterdam

21.02.2014 – 03.03.2014 „If I can´t take a selfie, I don´t want to be part of your revolution“ exhibited at De Punt Amsterdam, i.c.w. Belle Phromchanya

10.01.2014 – 22.02.2014 Twittercore exhibited at „N.Y.P.D.“ group exhibition, Designcenter De Winkelhaak, Antwerp, B

22.12.2013 Twittercore @ Enlightment/Endarkment, Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

25.11.2013 Lecture „Movie Title Movies“ for Cinedans @ HKU Utrecht

02.11.2013 Twittercore @ „True Fiction — The Worst Is Yet To Come“, De Punt/ TAAK, Amsterdam

10.10.2013 “Deconstructing Larry” workshop @ KABK Den Haag Design Department

10.10.2013 “(…) We Are Distributed Actors (…)” lecture @ KABK Den Haag Design Department

01.09.2013 – 31.10.2013 ”BUBBLE GUM CRISIS – NEW MEDIA (RE)SEARCH AND (RE)PRODUCTION” seminar @ HKU Utrecht Design Department, 3rd year

17.08.2013 OLGAR @ Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, D

20.07.2013 TWITTERCORE live @ occii Amsterdam, NL

06.07.2013 TWITTERCORE live @ ArtEZ Arnhem/ Luxor Live, NL

16.06.2013 OLGAR live @ Hörkunstfestival Erlangen, Germany

01.06.2013  TWITTERCORE live @ International Poster and Graphic Design Festival – CIG, Chaumont, France

16.04.2013 guest critic for graduation projects HKU Utrecht, Design Dept., Utrecht. NL

13.03.2013 TWITTERCORE live @ Cite Du Design International Design Biennale, St. Etienne, France workshop @ Karel de Grote Hogeschool Sint Lucas, Design Dept., Antwerpen, B

01.03.2013 TWITTERCORE live @ De Punt, Amsterdam, NL

17.01.2013 TWITTERCORE live @ “Pageturner” Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, NL

11.01.13 OLGAR live @ INI-art, Saarbrücken, Germany

16.11.12 OLGAR live @ Dokfest Filmfestival, Kassel, Germany

17.11.2012 OLGAR live @ Shiny Toys Festival, Mülheim, Germany

11./13.07.12 TWITTERCORE live @ Former Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, NL

19.06.12 OLGAR live @ Muziekhuis Utrecht, NL

08.05.12 OLGAR live @ Karnativ Lab, Amsterdam, NL

23-03-12 OLGAR live @ mex, Dortmund, Germany

21-02-12 OLGAR live @ Muziekhuis Utrecht, NL

19-02-12 OLGAR live @ OT301, Amsterdam

09-11-11 OLGAR live @ ot301 Amsterdam with:
dance / music improv w/ Cornelia Hanselmann, Miri Lee, Sieger Hesselink, Alfredo Genovesi, Santiago Botero, Simon Tanguy, Marzena Krzeminska, Emese Csornai

07-11-11 OLGAR live @ Bimhuis Amsterdam with:
dance / music improv w/ Cornelia Hanselmann, Miri Lee, Sieger Hesselink, Alfredo Genovesi, Santiago Botero, Simon Tanguy, Marzena Krzeminska, Emese Csornai

03-09-11 OLGAR live @ Sowieso, Berlin with Daniela Petry+Clayton Thomas & special guest

OLGAR live @ Mica Moca, Berlin ANALOG vs. DIGITAL feat TagltoolnetworkBerlin

29-08-11 OLGAR live @ Madame Claude, Berlin with Daniela Petry

26-08-11 OLGAR live @ Quiet Cue, Berlin with Daniela Petry>(+Rheibüko feat Gerhard Gschlössl)

27-08-11 OLGAR live @ Bei Roy, Berlin with Daniela Petry

10.06. – 10.08.2011 Designer in Residency @ Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, US