November 6, 2013 - Exhibition / Participation



Hannes Bernard, Guido Giglio, Seungyong Moon, Noortje van Eekelen, Ruben Pater, Yin Aiwen, Yuri Veerman.

Participating in the Toffie Pop Culture Festival in Cape Town (ZA) we as team Netherlands (students of the Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam) built an installation for pirate-trading, based on the seafaring and trading histoy of the Netherlands and South Africa. The installation consisted of USB sticks, filled with pirate design resources, buoyage, ropes and weigths. The audience could exchange data using the USB sticks and so be part of the pirate-trading.

The first Dutch settlers were sent to the Cape to establish a halfway station to provide fresh water, vegetables, and meat for passing ships traveling to and from Asia. The settlers brought with them trade from Europe and bartered with the locals for their sheep and cattle. As such, the Cape has been instrumental as a point for exchange between the Netherlands and South Africa for centuries. The Dutch delegation’s Pier to Pier project aims to re-establish a relation of exchange by trading design resources from the Old World. Bring your laptops, lower the digital cargo and enjoy free-trade from our pirate-ships.