Januar 30, 2018 - Black Metal / Design / Metal / Painting

Black Metal Logos meet Google Ads on Youtube


Acrylic paint on black linen, each 150 x 200 cm

METALheADS is a manifestation of screenshots taken of Black Metal videos on Youtube. The uploaded videos show band logos that got interrupted by Google Ads. This combination leads to contradictions in visuality: the high-contrast black and white illegible logos sometimes including provoking symbols in contrast to the flashy and colourful ads of a wide range of companies, varying from travel agencies,  software security or a dolphin experience. But also, extreme metal started, as many other subcultures, as anti-mainstream, and anti establishment, also escapism, based on algorithms and my music choices (direct by searching for specific bands/ songs and indirect through suggestions that can keep on playing for hours).

The medium of the band banners is based on old school self-made band banners that would have been hung at live shows. Not being a painter, my amateurish touch relates to the genres strong ultimate DIY attitude that one can find back in a big amount of one man bands.