Black Metal Logos meet Google Ads on Youtube


Acrylic paint on black linen, each 150 x 200 cm

METALheADS is a manifestation of screenshots taken of Black Metal videos on Youtube. The uploaded videos show band logos that got interrupted by Google Ads. This combination leads to contradictions in visuality: the high-contrast black and white illegible logos sometimes including provoking symbols in contrast to the flashy and colourful ads of a wide range of companies, varying from travel agencies,  software security or a dolphin experience. But also, extreme metal started, as many other subcultures, as anti-mainstream, and anti establishment, also escapism, based on algorithms and my music choices (direct by searching for specific bands/ songs and indirect through suggestions that can keep on playing for hours).

The medium of the band banners is based on old school self-made band banners that would have been hung at live shows. Not being a painter, my amateurish touch relates to the genres strong ultimate DIY attitude that one can find back in a big amount of one man bands.


Your Touch, So Foreign

In collaboration with Jasmijn Visser.

This film (beta version, 55 min) is the result of our research expedition to Kalmykia in July 2017, commissioned by Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, exhibited during Krasnoyarsk Biennale in October 2017.

Supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Russia, Stimuleringsfonds Creative Industry and Mondriaan Fonds.


AWAAN? Are We All Addicts Now? Digital Dependence


Book design for artist Katriona Beales, edited by Vanessa Bartlett and Henrietta Bowden-Jones.

„Are We All Addicts Now? Digital Dependence is an artist-led enquiry by Katriona Beales into digital hyper-connectivity and the normalization of addictive behaviours through our everyday interactions with digital devices.“ Full description here Liverpool University Press 


Iedereen is Live

I.c.w. Jasper Koning

Developed during the masterclass „Sandberg @ Mediapark – Radical Imagination“.

Iedereen is live maakt het vluchtige medium van livestreams beschikbaar voor een breed publiek. Een professioneel panel van beroepskijkers loodst het publiek door een selectie van interessante livestreams onder begeleiding van een presentator. Zo ontdekken we rappende meisjes met hoofddoekjes uit Ede, krijgen we een rondleiding door een weedwinkel en worden we verrast door een vrouw met pandamasker en waterpijp die sensueel danst.

Livestreams komen negatief in het nieuws: een live zelfmoord, live moord of live mishandelingen. Iedereen is live laat een andere kant zien van dit nieuwe, vluchtige medium. Tijdens een marathon van 24 uur laten we zien dat werkelijk de hele wereld live is: van het land van de rijzende zon tot en met de surfdudes in Californie. Maar het concept leent zich ook uitstekend voor een uur online live video in het weekend. In beide gevallen met input van het publiek.


Tim den Besten

Seekers/ watchers:

Belle Phromchanya

Biyi Zhu

Lilian Stolk

Iona Stanescu

Ewa Schweifers






I.c.w. Selby Gildemacher, more info and photos come

Size: 255 cm x 150 cm

Material: Wood, Instagram

In Christianity the cross symbolizes eternal life, in our digital age a Selfie remains for centuries. #ImmortalNexusRexInstagram investigates the relation between eternal life in the clerical world and the infinite existence of information in the digital world, which results in an object placed in the physical world. The cross as the object is adjusted to our contemporary Selfie culture.

The audience is invited to actively participate by taking Selfies on the cross, and taking photos of the cross, in order to share them on Instagram.





Flag design for NeverNeverLand, a multi-located art space based in Amsterdam run by Anja Masling and Judith Leysner.