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Our EP “Physical Absence – Virtual Presence” is out. Listening online: Email me if you want to get a copy. Twittercore is a 140 character realtime grindcore band and at the same time a new interactive music genre. It combines the social engine Twitter with the music genre grindcore. During the performance the audience…

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Digital Death and the Post-Mortem Self

Januar 5, 2015 / 0 comments

In collaboration with Emily West, PhD Medicine.


Grindcore meets Selfies in the darkness of digital uncertainty

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Talk about: “Physical Absence – Virtual Presence” exemplified by extreme metal in social media and the conversion of images from representative objects to participative subjects. 17.11.2014 at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam.


The Shape of Death to Come

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Images for the lecture/ event “The Shape of Death to Come” ny Emily West and Gilbert Sinnott, who talk about the possibilities for the dead in the digital world.


De Derde Verdieping

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Temporary identity for splashsite De Derde Verdieping.          


Extensions of Man

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“Extensions of Man” is a collaboration between Stëfan Schäfer and Selby Gildemacher. For the ongoing Extensions of Man project, we’ve developed a tool entitled “The Selfie Extender”. For this special occasion, The Selfie Extender enables us to take a Selfie in Cape Town from Amsterdam and vice versa. A Selfie operates as a proof for…

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True Horror of Selfies Photo Booth

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Selfie Horrors—Lecture Snippets

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Selfie Cinema

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Selfie Cinema is an installation for films that allow the audience to embed themselves into other’s narratives. The first short film featuring the installation entitled “A false paradise” — a remote romance between ecstatic modern life and the Genesis. The used audio is taken from the TV series “Elementary”. Both created by Yin Aiwen and…

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EyeStockphoto — The power of stock photos lies in it´s contextual adaptiveness. A crucial role play the photo descriptions as well as the categories they are stocked in by agencies. Stock photography is not about the image as such, but the image as perception. Wordseye is an online type to image programme, using a minimal…

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