Stëfan Schäfer



Twittercore is a 140 character realtime grindcore band and at the same time a new interactive music genre. It combines the social engine Twitter with the music genre grindcore. During the performance the audience sends tweets to a certain #. The tweets are used as lyrics and sang in realtime. At the same time the…

Selfie Cinema


Selfie Cinema is an installation for films that allow the audience to embed themselves into other’s narratives. The first short film featuring the installation entitled “A false paradise” — a remote romance between ecstatic modern life and the Genesis. The used audio is taken from the TV series “Elementary”. Both created by Yin Aiwen and…

Facetival of Madness


Sellotape Selfies/ Sellofies and extreme metal aesthetics in times of face recognition and narcissism. Sellotape selfies were initiated by Lizzy Durley as a new meme on facebook. On-going. Description following. Defaced Autapesy Facial Malfunction Transparent Disfigurement Narcissistic Defiance Limpid Torment SurSouS and Veillance (upcoming split EP) Vortex Deadlock CCCTV (Counter Closed Circtuit Tele Vision)

If I can´t take a selfie, I don´t want to be part of your revolution


In collaboration with Belle Phromchanya. Shutdown Bangkok, January 2014. Visiting the current political demonstrations in Bangkok, the most remarkable points were the ‘festive’ atmosphere that was going on. The streets were filled with people wearing red, white and blue, the colors of the Thai flag; a symbol occupied by the demonstrators. The colors of the…



EyeStockphoto — The power of stock photos lies in it´s contextual adaptiveness. A crucial role play the photo descriptions as well as the categories they are stocked in by agencies. Stock photography is not about the image as such, but the image as perception. Wordseye is an online type to image programme, using a minimal…